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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ground water contamination

In India, the Water (Prevention and Control) Act was passed by the Parliament in 1974, and by 1990 all the states adopted the act. In 1986, the Environment Protection Act was passed by the Parliament. Under both these acts, the states and the central government developed environmental norms for air emissions and waste water discharge for different types of sources.

The problem is not only that the Govt. of india work progress at snails pace, but also a lot of construction in India is illegal, i.e. houses have been built without permit. So in Govt. of India's files they donot exsist and therefore, clean drinking water, and sewage disposal is not on its list for such areas. These houses donot get pipes running from a water treatment plant, but the house owners get the water by getting a pump installed at their premises there by extracting ground water. Now that the sewage in those areas is not properly disposed, it seaps into the ground water there by contaminating it. When the house owner pumps out the water, the contaminated water gets used in the house for cooking, drinking, washing and all the other activities. This is how it works magic when it reaches your stomach. Same is true for a lots of road side dhabas, eatery joints. They also use water pumped out of ground where the possibility of ground water contamination is high due to sewage not being properly disposed off there by making people sick who eat at such joints.

More on it later....


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