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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Baba Budha jee... The first appointed Granthi ....

Baba Budha Ji is recognized as one of the great Sikhs of the Guru period. He had the privilege of being blessed by the first six Gurus. He led an ideal Sikh life for more than a hundred years.

Baba Ji was born to Bhai Sugha in 1506 in village Kathu Nagal, district Amritsar. His parents named him Burha. He was only a child, when the family migrated to village Rumdas. Burha, being the son of a farmer, used to graze cattle like other boys of his age in the village. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited their village, he listened to the Guru preach.

Impressed by the sermons, one day he brought fresh milk for the Guru to have a chance to talk to the Guru directly. The Guru was pleased with his devotion. Bhai Burha Ji asked the Guru about the mission of human life and the way to achieve it. Guru Ji responded, "You are a young boy, but you are talking like a Budha, an experienced senior citizen." Since then, Bhai Burha became popular with his new name, Baba Budha Ji.

As advised by the Guru, Baba Ji adopted the life of a Sikh. He recited Gurbani, shared his earnings with the needy and wished well for everyone. People were much impressed by his lifestyle and devotion to service. Guru Ji also appreciated his living as an ideal Sikh.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji after his preaching tours to different countries in Asia, settled at village Kartarpur. Baba Ji would visit him to listen to the holy kirtan and the teachings of the Guru. One day, he was summoned by the Guru to Kartarpur for a special assignment. When Baba Budha Ji reached there, Guru Nanak told him to put a mark of respect on the forehead of Bhai Lehna Ji who was nominated as the successor to Guru Nanak.

Baba Budha Ji lived a long life of more than a hundred years. He was always called upon to perform this sacred assignment whenever the Guruship was passed on to the next successor. Baba Ji lived long enough to serve Guru Har Gobind, the sixth Nanak. Because of this honorable status, he was loved and respected very much by the Sikh masses.

When the work of digging the Amrit Sarovar was undertaken during the time of Guru Ram Das and continued through the Guruship of Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Baba Ji was nominated as the coordinator of the volunteers. There still stands a jujubee tree on the border of the Sarovar where Baba Ji sat while performing his responsibilities. After the completion of the construction work at Amritsar and the installation of the Sikh holy scripture, Baba Ji was honored as the first Granthi of the Harimandar Sahib.
After his sewa at Amritsar was over, Baba Budha Ji was given another important assignment at village Jhabal. A Sikh had offered Guru Ji a large piece of land in that village. The property was covered by trees and grazing lands. Milch animals and the horses of the Guru were kept there. Since Baba Ji was in charge and took care of the animals, the place became popular as Bir Baba Budha Ji. In memory of his services, a gurdwara now stands there with the same name.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji sent his son, Har Gobind, to that place and put him under the charge of Baba Ji. He was to teach the young boy to read and understand Gurbani, horse riding, wrestling, use of arms and other arts of defense.

Knowing that his body had become very weak and that death was not very far away, Baba Ji requested the Guru to let him move to his own village of Rumdas. When he was about to die, Guru Har Gobind was there to bless him. Baba Ji died in 1631, at the mature age of 125 years. Baba Ji earned a permanent place in the minds of the Sikh community for his services to the Guru.

(The material assimilated from varoius web sites and books.)


  • I like these sakhees. But one requires a lot of patience to type them. Its a good job you have done.By the way what is this clock on top of your blog?

    By Blogger upinder kaur, at 4/27/2006 8:39 AM  

  • Thanks for this and the other articles Bhai Sarvjeet Singh Ji. I've enjoyed reading them. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my parents or other adults in the sangat would tell stories about the Gurus and the Sikhs in history.

    By Blogger Prabhu Singh, at 4/27/2006 4:41 PM  

  • Thank you Saadh Sangat jee for your appreciation, but as it says at the end of all the Sakhis that it is not just my labor of typing. It is a mix of some typing and some cut and paste. Thanks to Mr. Gates.

    By Blogger Sifar, at 4/28/2006 9:39 AM  

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