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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Shalok Bhagat Kabeer jee Kay...

Here Bhagat jee is explaining about ego and what it brings along... Please click on the image to open in a readable window....


  • Sat Sari Akaal Saravjeet ji, i really like the dohas that you are posting; it makes me want to check you blog everyday, with a curiosty to learn something new everytime.
    i was wondering if there is a website to these dohas, and if i can have the link to it please. also i think you visited my website ( a while ago. Thank you, yeah there is some sangat in ohio, very little in columbus, there is also a gurudawara that i got to sometimes. it feels really good. but we all know real peace and Amrit is within us, which is very hard to reach, and everything outsite is just temporary, so visiting gurudwara does a temperoray job, but still its great. thanks again, dhan dhan Satguru.

    By Anonymous Puja, at 5/05/2006 10:57 AM  

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