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Monday, August 21, 2006

Honest Living....

Guru Nanak Dev ji traveled to many places, including Saidpur, now known as Eminabad. Before Guru ji arrived at Saidpur the word has spread in the whole city that a holy man is going to visit their town. Malik Bhago was the chief of the town. He was a corrupt person and had amassed wealth through unfair means. He would charge extra tax to the poor farmers and would take most of their crop, leaving them hungry. In this way he had become a wealthy person. When Malik heard the news of Gurus arrival, he started preparing for Guru’s stay at his home.

When Guru Nanak reached Saidpur, he knocked on the door of a poor carpenter named Lalo. Guru ji chose to stay with Lalo for sometime as a guest. Lalo would serve him with the little food that he had and Guru ji would eat the simple food with love. News reached Malik Bhago that Guru ji was staying with Lalo. Malik held a big gathering and invited all the holy men including Guru ji. Guru ji, however, did not accept his invitation.

Malik became angry that Guru Nanak Dev ji had refused his proposal and ordered to force the Guru to visit his place. Two guards were sent to Lalo’s home to escort the Guru and Guru Nanak ji decided to go with them. Upon reaching Malik’s place, Malik Bhago said, “O holy man, I have prepared so many dishes for you, but you are staying with a poor carpenter and eating his dry bread. Why?”

The Guru replied, “I cannot eat your food because your bread is ill-begotten and has been made with money sucked from the poor through unfair means, while Lalo's bread is made from the hard-earned money.” This made Malik Bhago very mad and he asked the Guru to prove his point. Guru ji then sent for a loaf of bread from Lalo's house. In one hand the Guru held Lalo's bread and in the other that of Malik Bhago's, and when he squeezed both. Milk dripped out from Lalo's bread and blood dripped from Malik Bhago's bread. Malik Bhago was completely shaken by his guilt and asked for forgiveness. The Guru asked him to distribute his ill-gotten wealth among the poor and henceforth live an honest life. Malik Bhago was re-born with the Guru's blessing.


  • "your bread is ill-begotten and has been made with money sucked from the poor through unfair means"
    For some reason when I read this I started thinking about Kentucky Fried Chicken and other corporate criminals in the US. I then started to think how all meat is ill-begotten, as it always requires violence and it always pollutes the body. The meat industry however is one of the most destructive 'industries' on the planet and everything they do requires blood. It's unfortunate that any of us willingly or unwillingly support ill-begotten food. It's real unfortunate that for some people (many Americans) ill-begotten food is all that's available to them.
    It would be beautiful if we could all farm, naturally, as our Gurus did.
    On another topic, I know of two samagams coming up in Toronto are you looking forward to them?

    By Blogger Prabhu Singh, at 8/23/2006 12:55 PM  

  • I visited Eimenabad, while on the way to Kartarpur, during the Pakistan trip in April.

    Gurdwaras are being constructed at all the significant places including 'Bhai Lalo di Khuhi'.

    Sadly though, as in most other places that are of historic importance to the Sikhs, all the old structures have been pulled down and white marble-clad Gurdwaras are being constructed in their place.

    By Blogger Sidhusaaheb, at 8/31/2006 3:08 AM  

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