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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Discovery of Self through Naam-Simran : Part I

An article by Gulshan Jeet Singh.

Naam Simran is a purely spiritual experience within reach of all humanity irrespective of race creed on social status. Success varies and depends on the practitioner’s earnestness as well as the Master’s grace.

Why we must practice ‘Naam simran’? Because it brings inner tranquillity. This practice is superior to all other forms of worship. It is at the root of Gurbani. It places no restriction of time and space and does not need the help of any other person or material posture.Amongst all religious practices ‘Naam-simran’ is the simplest, a purifier for both mind and heart. It is like the all-pervasive light of the sun.

‘Naam-simran’ reins in the mind and intellect (man aur budhi) from within, order to understand the physical phenomenal word and transcend its wisdom. Naam is the holiest of the holy; practice of simran destroys the cause of our bondage, namely, our Karma (good or bad actions). Even the greatest sinner attains to the supreme position through Naam-simran. The only focus that one discovers by study of Guru Granth Sahib is that we must always and constantly meditate on Him and His Name. Just as the furnace melts gold and other metals so as to purify them, so the Name of the Lord acts as the best solvent of all problems of this world. No evil can befall one who is engrossed in Naam.

There are however some pitfalls. Sadly ‘Naam-simran’ has become a topic of discussion rather than of practice amongst our intellectuals. Argument is the antithesis of meditation. Efforts for conducting seminars on topic are merely intellectual exercises, missing the Naam - Amrit and initiation.

To be Continued.....

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