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Friday, October 26, 2007

Flying SIKHs or Flying While Sikh (in the USA)....

Washington DC, (October 27, 2007) - Tomorrow the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will implement new procedures for screening Sikh turbans. Sikh air travelers will have to know their rights in order to assert them properly during security screenings at U.S. airports.

To help you do that, the Sikh Coalition, UNITED SIKHS and SALDEF have developed the attached fact sheet for Sikh travelers. Read the fact sheet carefully before you go to the airport. It explains precisely what to expect, and tells you what your rights are as a Sikh passenger. Carry it with you when you fly.

REMEMBER, we have not finished this fight yet. The Sikh Coalition needs to keep track of how the TSA is implementing the new process, to make sure that Sikhs are not being singled out for additional screenings. If you travel through the U.S in the next few months, please tell us about your screening experience - good or bad. This will help us monitor problem airports and show the TSA how the new policy falls short.

To tell us about your screening experience,
click here or visit our website at

Download Sikh Air Traveler's Guide and Bill of Rights in English.

Download Sikh Air Traveler's Guide and Bill of Rights in Punjabi.


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