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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Items that Cannot be in your Carry on......

Airport security measures

The Transportation Security Administration instituted the following measures after a terror plot in Britain was thwarted:

1.Liquids are banned from carry-on luggage and cannot be taken through security checkpoints. That includes drinks, toothpaste, perfume, shampoo, hair gel, suntan lotion and similar items. Drinks purchased in the airport cannot be carried onto flights.

2.Medications will be allowed but must be presented for inspection at security checkpoints.

3.Mothers can bring baby formula on board, but only after drinking it in front of security officials first.

4.All shoes must be removed and placed on an X-ray belt for screening.

Passengers are also asked to arrive at least two hours early to allow for additional screening.

Passengers traveling to the United Kingdom should contact their airline for information about any extra security measures or precautions that might be required. Laptop computers, mobile phones and iPods are among items banned on British flights.

source: The Associated Press, Transportation Security Administration

Members of certain religious minority groups (including Sikhs due to their mistaken identity) are at a risk of getting the backlash. Please click on the link below to read the complete story.

Muslims fear backlash over disrupted attack (Complete Story @


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