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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Selling Bani.......

We have a Bhai jee visiting from India, doing Katha, Gurbani Veechar at our local Gurudwara. He was narrating an incident that was told to him by another person (Treasurer of some local Gurdwara) who witnessed an “Aanand Karaj” some where in India. He went to a Singh family’s Aanand Karaj and upon completion of the Aanand Karaj when the Singh, Father of the Bride asked that how much was the Sewa (money involved) for the Anand Karaj. The Treasurer said that the Gurudwara has prescribed that for Aanand Karaj the Raagee Singhs be given Rs. 1,100 of which Rs. 550 goes to the Gurudwara funds and other 550 is for the Raagee Jatha to keep. Listening to this the father of the Bride got real upset and said to the Treasurer that it is not fair and that he (the Treasurer) was selling the Bani and all that… To be short, he paid those 1,100 rupees with a lot hue and cry.

Now, in the evening there was a party to which the treasurer was also invited. The treasurer went there and when the party began, he saw one of the famous singers whom the father of the Bride had called to entertain the people attending the party. Upon asking the treasurer was told that the singer was paid Rs. 250,000 for singing and entertaining the crowd at the party. The treasurer was stunned upon learning this as he was the one who when asked for a mere 1,100 rupee that the Gurudwara committee has prescribed for Aanand Karaj was told 101 things by the Singh… but to pay the Singer, Rs. 250,000, the father of the bride did it happily.

Ain’t that surprising…. To me it is…. For the Guru and Guru’s Singhs, 1,100 was a huge sum for the father of the Bride to pay, but to pay a Singer to perform for a few hours 250,000 was paid by him without a hitch….



  • Our Gurdwara has a very minimal (by western standards) suggested donation. If the donation can't be made it's also okay. I generally don't feel bad about making donations to the Gurdwara or to raagis. I'm usually happy to do it.

    By Blogger Prabhu Singh, at 10/05/2006 2:13 PM  

  • To sum it all up in one word...hypocrisy!

    You could add many more things to the payment made to the singer. Alchohol, decorations, exotic food...

    By Blogger Sidhusaaheb, at 10/05/2006 6:38 PM  

  • In India (I really don't know what happens at other places) most of the money and time goes to useless things and stupid rituals during weddings.
    The whole thing is just disgusting!
    The actual Anand Karj is quite lower down in priority list of Finances and Importance.
    Only Waheguru can help Them!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/06/2006 1:11 AM  

  • Great post Sifar Ji! It reminds me of a wedding that I read about the son of a rich Sikh hotelier in New York who invited Clinton and all these other famous celebrities to a wedding. I think if you do the google search you will find the article "My Big Fat Sikh Wedding". I wish the title would not refer to it as a "Sikh Wedding". I don't know, but it all seems too much pomp and show and no substance like Gurus meant the Anand Karaj to be. Only if these people understood the good use of money. One of these days I will be doing a post as to what will I do if I was a multimillionaire. But who am I to judge, in this society of individualism, I guess if they have earned it and then have the right to spend it their way.

    By Blogger SikhsRus, at 10/06/2006 4:52 PM  

  • Yes, thats right Manjeet jee. But I am trying to highlight his selective spending... i.e. 1,100 for Guru Ghar/Keertan paid with hundreds of questions vs 250,000 paid happily to a Singer, no questions asked.....

    By Blogger Sifar, at 10/06/2006 6:41 PM  

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