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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This is Cricket.....

I loved to play cricket like every other Indian does. Business kinda used to come to a stand still if India was playing a game..... This is one sport where Sikhs, Bishen Singh, Maninder Singh, Navjot Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Montey Singh to name a few, in past and in present have excelled. I have noticed that cricket is coming up fast in North America too with Canada has its team playing internationally, and in USA locally lots of clubs play cricket as well ... Some pictures from the years when cricket used to be played in whites only....

A keeper, three slips, a gully and an extra cover... an aggressive cricketing off side fielding strategy....


  • I believe the following is among the foremost cricket organisations in Canada:

    By Blogger Sidhusaaheb, at 9/24/2006 8:10 AM  

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