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Friday, November 03, 2006

Parkash Utsav / Diwas Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib jee Maharaaj...

Parkash Diwas of Dhan Dhan sri guru Nanak Dev Sahib jee Maharaaj is this Sunday Nov 5th. Peace and Happiness to all on this day and everyday. I'm posting a very well known Sakhi when Guru Nanak Dev jee visited a city in Pakistan, where now stands Gurdwara Panja Sahib....

After traveling through Arab and many other countries, the Guru Nanak Dev jee reached a place called Hassan Abdal. It is about fifty kilometers from Rawalpindi in Pakistan. He halted there at the foot of a hill. Soon, people began to gather around him. He talked to them of God. He told them the greatness of God and His creations. Many more people began to gather around him every day.

On the top of that hill, there lived a Muslim Priest. His name was Bawa Wali Qandhari. His house was near a spring of fresh water. From there the water flowed down to the town and was used by the people for all their needs. There was no other source of water at that place.

Wali Qandhari was an arrogant person. When he saw people gathering around Guru Nanak instead of his place, he became very angry. So, he stopped the spring water from flowing down to the town. The people became frustrated. How could they and their cattle live without water! A group of them went to Bawa Wali Qandhari. They begged him to let the water flow down as before. But Bawa Wali Qandhari said angrily, "Go to your Guru, the one you visit everyday now and ask for water from him." The poeple went to the Guru and told him the whole story. The Guru said, “Don't lose your heart. Trust in God. He will not let you die of thirst”. The Guru then said to Bhai Mardana, “Go and appeal to Bawa Wali Qandhari and request him to let the water flow down to the town.” When Bhai Mardana went to the top of the hill, Bawa Wali Qandhari shouted angrily, “Go back to your Guru and ask him to give water to the people.”

Bhai Mardana returned to the Guru and narrated what Bawa Wali Qandhari said to him. The Guru sent him once again. But again he came back with the same story. The frustration of the public grew each second. The Guru said, “Don't lose your heart. God is great and merciful. He can make springs flow from where He likes. Let us all pray to Him.” They all prayed. Then Guru Nanak Dev Ji lifted a stone. At once, a stream of cool, clean water began to flow from the place Guru lifted the stone.

At the same time, Bawa Wali Qanhari's spring dried up. He was red with anger and from the top of the hill he pushed a large rock towards the Guru. The rock came rolling down towards the Guru. Bawa Wali Qanhari thought that the rock would crush the Guru to death but the Guru quietly raised his hand and the rock stopped at the instant it struck Guru’s hand. The Guru’s hand was imprinted on the rock. Bawa Wali Qundhari's pride was broken. He came down and fell at the Guru's feet. The Guru said to him, “Rise my friend. Live as lovers of God should live. Be kind to all.” The rock still exists. There is a beautiful Gurdwara at that place called the Panja Sahib or the Holy Hand Print.


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