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Monday, December 11, 2006

Inder Ghagga loses debates to Panthic Singhs in Toronto.....

(Top) Bhai Kulbir Singh Ji of Toronto debating with Inder S. Ghagga (Bottom - center)

In the past few years, the public has seen an assortment of anti-Gurmat literature being produced by various individuals promoting Kala-Afghana/missionary lobby viewpoints. In their message, they viciously attack the very fundamentals that set the Sikh Panth apart for other faiths. Instead of utilizing sound logic and Gurbani as a basis of their arguments they often resort to ridicule and sarcasm in a sign of desperation and lack of confidence.

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  • Check out what they have done to the Ardaas at Harmandir Sahib!

    Instead of being addressed to 'NimaaniaaN dey Maan, NitaaniaaN de Taan, NiotiaaN di Ot, Sachche Pita WaheGuru', it is nowadays being addressed to 'Dhann Dhann Sri Guru Ramdas ji' (in the last stanza of the Ardaas).

    Similarly, the Ardaas at Bangla Sahib in New Delhi is being addressed to 'Dhann Dhann Sri Guru Harkrishen Sahib ji', instead of 'NimaaniaaN dey Maan, NitaaniaaN de Taan, NiotiaaN di Ot, Sachche Pita WaheGuru'.

    I believe that this goes against the basic tenets of Sikhism, which advocate belief in a single, formless and eternal Entity i.e. Akal Purkh WaheGuru and that the SGPC and the DSGMC should revert to the correct form of Ardaas at the earliest possible.

    I had sent an email to the SGPC in this regard, but received no reply.

    I don't know what they are going to do next. They might even install an idol of Sri Guru Ramdas ji at Harmandir Sahib and an idol of Sri Guru Harkrishen Sahib ji at Bangla Sahib and start worshipping these idols!

    By Blogger Sidhusaaheb, at 12/26/2006 3:43 AM  

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