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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bhagat Sain Jee's job was Saved by God...

Bhagat Sain jee was a poor man who would serve the king in his palace. “Hearing about the glory of Bhagat Kabeer jee, Bhagat Sain jee also turned to be a disciple. In the night he would immerse in loving devotion to God and in the morning he would serve at the door of the king. One night some saints came to him and the whole night was spent in singing the praises of God. Bhagat Sain jee could not leave company of the saints and consequently did not perform the king’s service the following morning. God himself took the form of Bhagat Sain and served the king in such a way that the king was overjoyed. Bidding farewell to the saints, Bhagat Sain jee embarrassedly arrived at the palace of the king. From a distance the king called him nearby. He took off his own robe and offered it to Bhagat Sain jee. ‘You have overpowered me today’, said the king and his words were heard by all people standing there.

God himself manifests the dignity of His devotee.


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