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Friday, January 05, 2007

Kinka Ek Jis Jeea Basaave, Taa Ki Mahima Gani Na Aave...

Best wishes to all on the occassion of Parkash Utsav of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib jee Maharaaj. I once listen to a CD by Late Bhai Jasbir Singh jee Khanawale where he was stressing on importance of Amrit. He said one line that resonates in my mind every now and then...He said, "We say that we respect Guru Gobind Singh Sahib jee Maharaaj, but we don't want to listen to what he said (Amrit Shakna)". He further said, "This is very wierd. We say that we respect our father, but we don't like our father telling us what to do".

I do not have word to praise Guru Sahib, but I have a Sakhi that I want to share with others. This is one of the lesser known Sakhis....

Once, a Sikh made a request before Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib jee Maharaaj, "O true King! I am grieved by the world. Eliminate the pain of birth and death. Save me from sins. I am in your protection. I am illiterate".

Guru Ji said, "Brother Sikh! You are blessed that you became detached (from the world). An fool cannot get sense without education. One should get education. An uneducated person cannot understand anything. The God meets him, whose pronunciation of 'Bani' is perfect. Brother! Do study.

Guru Ji asked the 'Granthi' to teach that Sikh with love. The 'Granthi' started to teach him. While teaching, he taught him this line of Anand Sahib prayer, "Anand bhya meree maaye, Satguroo main paaya." (The heavenly pleasure occurred, O my mother, for I have found my True Guru).

The Sikh recited this line with love and went reciting it. Sometimes, he would eat from 'langar' (the community kitchen). His faith increased reciting this line.

After six months, Guru Ji asked the Granthi, "Did he learn?" Granthi Singh replied, "He did not return after learning one line."

Guru Ji called for that Sikh and asked, "You were sent to learn."

He replied with folded hands, "Guru Ji! One line is enough. When the True Guru has been found, 'Anand' is gotten. (Without getting the 'Anand') more reciting is the act of 'Bemukhs'."

Guru Ji smiled and said, "You are 'nihaal' (bliss). Your cycle of birth and death has been curtailed."


  • ur truly blessed. I'm glad i got a chance to read some of the sakhiyan and ur vichaars posted on this site. Keep up the good work and god bless u :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/08/2007 8:05 PM  

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