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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Discovery of Self through Naam-Simran : Part II

An article by Gulshan Jeet Singh.

Continued from previous post....

Internalising the Divine Spirit: The word ‘Naam’ is the object of simran (meditation) whereas the word ‘Simran’ is remembering, uttering, or Jap in meditation. Thus ‘Naam-simran’ is remembrance of God’s Name. The question arises, what or whose name? The simple answer is Satnaam Waheguru the name of True Wonderful Lord, who is All-pervading True and Eternal. The Lord is One Alone, Who Ever was, Is Now and Ever shall be, - the Akal Purukh, ‘Waheguru’. His name is True. Guru Nanak and successor Gurus, throughout the holy Gurbani, maintain that one must contemplate upon formless God, Infinite God alone, Who is Creator, and dwells everywhere.

A Slow Process : We must understand that if our meagre and early practice of ‘Naam-simran’ does not produce any earth-shaking result we should not lose patience. We should feel encouraged by the belief that the path has been found out, and it is only a question of time when we will reach our destination.

There are some hymns which must necessarily be taken from the Guru Granth Sahib with the help of a pious friend, or elder or scholar - Granthi. The most popular technique is the repetition and daily reciting of Gurbani. ‘Sat Naam’ or ‘Waheguru’ is very powerful jaap; several practitioners reveal that without ‘Satnm, Waheguru’ the seeker cannot achieve his purpose. For the name and the object named are not different. When the heart is purified by the practice of Pranava, or Dhun/Naad, the practice hears same sound. In the first stage, one feels a thrilling sensation in the skin, gradually passes through several

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