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Friday, June 22, 2007

Guru Nanak Dev Sahib jee & Duni Chand...

The Guru proceeded to the river Ravi and then to Lahore. The Lahore territory was then taken care of, for the Emperor by a millionaire Khatri, whose name was Duni Chand. He was performing the ceremony of "Shradh" (a ritual where food is offered to holy men in a hope that it reaches the dead ancestors) for his deceased father, when he heard of Guru Nanak's arrival. He took the Guru to his house, and treated him with great affection. When everything was ready for the anniversary feast, Duni Chand began to feed the Brahmans.

The Guru, on being summoned, asked what the matter was. Duni Chand replied that it was his father's shradh, and that he had fed one hundred Brahmans in his name. The Guru replied, It is now two days since his father had eaten anything, and yet you say you have fed one hundred Brahmans for him. Duni Chand asked where his father was. The Guru replied that he had been re-incarnate as a wolf, which was now in a clump of trees in the near by forest. The reason his father's soul had entered a wolf was, that while he was on death bay, he had coveted meat which was being cooked by a neighbour, and had died in that desire.

The Guru, on seeing several flags over Duni Chand's door, asked why the flags were put there. He explained that each flag represents a lakh (100,000) rupees which Duni Chand had accumulated. On this the Guru gave him a needle, and told him to keep it until he asked for it in the next world. Duni Chand took the needle to his wife, and told her to put it by for the purpose indicated. She believed her husband has gone crazy, and asked him how a needle could go to the next world.

Duni Chand took the needle with his wife's message to the Guru, who said, 'If such a small and light thing as a needle cannot go to the next world, how can your wealth reach there?' Upon this Duni Chand fell at Guru ji feet, and prayed to tell him by what means his wealth should reach the next world. The Guru replied, "Give some of your wealth in God's name, feed the poor, and your wealth shall accompany you." Upon this Duni Chand distributed seven lakhs of treasure, for he understood that disobedience to the Guru's order would militate against his salvation. He then became a disciple of the Guru, and began to repeat the Naam.

Guru Nanak uttered the following Shabad on the occasion: (Asa Ki Var) SGGS p.468

salok ma 1
Salok, First Mehla:

koorr raajaa koorr parajaa koorr sabh sa(n)saar
False is the king, false are the subjects; false is the whole world.

koorr ma(n)ddap koorr maarree koorr baisanehaar
False is the mansion, false are the skyscrapers; false are those who live in them.

koorr sueinaa koorr rupaa koorr painhanehaar
False is gold, and false is silver; false are those who wear them.

koorr kaaeiaa koorr kaparr koorr roop apaar
False is the body, false are the clothes; false is incomparable beauty.

koorr meeaa koorr beebee khap hoeae khaar
False is the husband, false is the wife; they mourn and waste away.

koorr koorrai naehu lagaa visariaa karathaar
The false ones love falsehood, and forget their Creator.

kis naal keechai dhosathee sabh jag chalanehaar
With whom should I become friends, if all the world shall pass away?

koorr mit(h)aa koorr maakhio koorr ddobae poor
False is sweetness, false is honey; through falsehood, boat-loads of men have drowned.

naanak vakhaanai baenathee thudhh baajh koorro koorr 1
Nanak speaks this prayer: without You, Lord, everything is totally false. 1


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