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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sikh Homeland....

On khalistan, I don’t know what you all think. But I am neither an active pro nor anti Khalistan. I say not active supporter coz, running a country is not a small job, and Sikh leaderships has failed us so many times in the past that today if we are given Khalistan, I'm sure that the Sikh leadership will make a mess out of it too. Though if it is given to Sikhs, then it will be very big Deal for all the Sikhs. Coz, I think the races that don’t have a country to be called their homeland are never respected. Can we call India our home? Because one was born there, yes, that’s the place where you belong. But in India, Sikhs are considered a part of Hindus and are treated as Second class citizens. That’s how Sikhs are treated any where in the world, Hindus. Sikhs are married under Hindu Marriage Act. We don’t even have an act in Indian constitution where by we can get our Anand Karaj registered. In North America when people ask where I am from and I tell them India, first thing they ask me is oh, you are a Hindu. I have a brochure on Sikhs handy with me and I pass it on to them right away, but making the whole world aware that Sikhs are different from Hindus or Muslims is a very humongous task and with today’s Sikh politicians and religious institutions this can never be achieved, at least in three of my generations to come it is not happening.

Earlier I too used to hate this politics, but where there is smoke, there is fire. I mean that if we realize, the case has some gravity. Prior to independence, majority of the Eastern India was under Sikh rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He was a true democratic ruler with people of all color and religion appointed in his ministry. I am not saying that Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a true Gursikh. He was a great ruler or politician if you will. His too much involvement in un-gursikh traditions led to his downfall and so were the Sikhs who could not unite after him under any banner (ruler). After him the Sikhs fell apart and when India was being divided prior to independence, the shrewd and cunning Hindu congress leaders (Nehru and co.) lied to the Sikh representative that they will let him have the independent state for Sikhs later. And the rest is all in front of you what all happened. Muslims who came from outside into India, killed a lot of Indians, made a lot of them into Muslims got their separate country, but Sikhs who sacrificed the most (also in the Indian struggle for independence) got only false promises.

As far as Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh is concerned, I don’t treat him as a politician. He is and intellectual, now playing in the hands of politicians. He was the best finance minister India ever had and will have. He cannot implement any policy that the Congress leaders won’t agree too. Let us see... he as 5 yrs... I have no problems with Hindus... I have a lot of Hindus friends and some relatives too. They all hold high regards for Gurus and the Sikhs. The only people bug me are the Indian politicians who when need Sikhs to fight for them, will do all to get them ready to fight, but when it comes to any policies or amendments in constitution to benefit Sikhs, they say Sikhs are Hindus.

For Sikhs to have world recognition having a country of their own is very important which they can call their homeland, where they can have the liberty ot speak out. But it is very sad state of affairs that it doesn’t seem to happen soon.