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Monday, October 09, 2006

Dhan Dhan Guru Ram Daas Sahib jee Maharaaj ....

Congratulations to the whole Sikh Panth on the occasion of Parkash Divas of the Fourth Guru of the Sikhs, Sri Guru Ram Das Ji, being commemorated 9th October this year.

The fourth Naanak, Guru Ramdas Ji was born on the second day of the dark half of the month Karthik in the Bikrami Samvat 1591 (9th October 1534 AD) in Lahore where Guru Sahib resided at Mohalla Chuna Mandi.

Guru Ramdas Sahib strengthened the Sikhism a step further by composing Four Lawans and advised the Sikhs to recite them in order to solemnize the marriages of their children. Thus Guru Sahib introduced a new matrimonial system based upon Sikhism instead of the Vedi system followed by Hindus. Thus this distinct marriage code for the Sikhs separated them from the orthodox and traditional Hindu system. Guru Sahib, like his predecessors, carried forward the tradition of Guru Ka Langar. Superstitions, caste system and pilgrimages were strongly decried. Guru Sahib founded the town of Amritsar which continues to be the centre of Sikhism till today.

Guru Sahib wrote 638 hymns in 30 ragas that include 246 Paday, 138 Saloks, 31 Ashtpadis and 8 Vars and are a part of Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Sahib nominated his youngest son (Guru) Arjan Sahib as Fifth Nanak. After this Guru Sahib left Amritsar and retired to Goindwal Sahib. There, after a few days Guru Sahib left this temporary world on Bhadon Sudi 3rd (2nd Assu) Samvat 1638 (September 1, 1581). The Guru had a distinct sense of his mission and did everything to establish it as a separate religious system and entity.

This year, celebrate the Gurpurab and wish your near and dears by visiting and participating @ your local gurdwara and spread the message of Guru Sahib among all the human beings. May Guru Sahib bless us all to understand the importance of the Gurpurabs and help us live life in accordance with the Gurmat so that we could be able to celebrate these Gurpurabs at spiritual levels.

Have a Happy Gurpurab.

Parts of material from e-mail sent by a sikh online institution....


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