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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Turban, a savior....

I was just randomly reading Testimonies online when I came across this one......

My turban has saved me so many times that I cannot even begin to explain. Like most, I am also filled with greed and lust. I even thought about looting or robbery in order to accumulate wealth. But everytime I think about it I think about my turban. A thought comes in my mind that how will my Guru feel if I do such a thing. I am a Sikh and a Sikh must walk on the path of humility and respect and live happily in whatever God has given me. If I have not had a turban on my head, I probably would have become a thief, a rogue, and probably a murderer. My turban saves me.

My turban saves me from bad company. Due to my turban the ill minded people do not approach me and neither do I go to the bars. When I was in high school, I saw a person who was talking to high school kids about taking drugs. He would approach the kids and show then a small packet containing the drug and would ask them to try it. But he did not talk to me, he did not come near me, he saw my turban and kept his distance. I sometimes think how would my life be if I have not had a turban on my head. It would be very easy to talk to be in contact with druggies and robbers. Having such a company I probably would have become a drunkard and a drug addict.

The symbol Guru ji gave me actually saves me. Now I know the importance of turban and its purpose. It is not just an identity of a Sikh but also keeps a Sikh away from bad thing and bad company.

By Jagjit Singh



  • Very honest effort by Jagjit Singh.
    There are so many advantages of a turban but still I feel so sad to see it disappearing from Punjab.I request you all to pray for this Land of our Guru!(though its not wise to think that he belongs to a small piece of land.Entire universe belongs to him)
    If we all pray every day may be Guru will take care.
    As I some times feel that Guru has turned face away from Punjab as they are going to Bipran kee Reet...
    Bhul chuk maaf

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/15/2007 12:29 AM  

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