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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

God and His Worshiper......

Once a king in India went to Guru Nanak Dev Ji and asked, “ O Guru! As you told us that God Himself supports His true worshiper, but God has so many apostles, why does He have to take care of His worshiper Himself? Why does not He send His apostles to help the worshiper?” As the king said this, his own son who was playing at the bank of a river nearby slipped in the river.

The king did not waited for a second and jumped in the river as well to save his child. After saving his child he returned to the Guru. The Guru asked, “My dear friend, you were sitting here with me a minute ago and why did u jump in the river?” King explained that his son had slipped in the river and he went to save him. Then the Guru asked, “Dear friend, you have so many servants then why did you jumped in the river by yourself? Why did not you send you servants to save him?” The King said, “By the time I would have asked my servants, he would have drowned. I love my child very much and do not want to lose him at any cost.”

Then Guru said, “My dear friend, God loves His worshipers the same way as you love your son. That is why he Himself to saves His true worshiper.”

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